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Gas/Diesel Cans


No-Spill fuel cans are tested and certified to meet standards and specifications for portable fuel containers for consumer use. Professional quality. Patented self-venting, self-sealing nozzle; just pick up, tip, and press the button to pour. Flows up to 3 gallons per minute. Nozzle stops flow automatically when the tank reaches full. Unique features include quart and liter markings molded into the can for easy reference and mixing. Tapered 7/8 OD (outside diameter) spout has a 20 mesh stainless steel screen in the spout to filter out debris while pouring. Dust cap attached to protect spout from dust and debris when not pouring. Flex spout attachment, sold separately, will allow filling of vertical openings easier. CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant.

Storm 2-1/2 Gallon Gas Can

Spill-resistant nozzle prevents spills & overfills. Childproof lock &spout. 3-way grip, back hare and industry. Full compliance with both VA and FHA specifications. Several styles and sizes available for your all your needs, including storm preparation.  Check out Woodstock Hardware's selection.

Storm 5 gallon gas can

Briggs & Stratton 5 gal heavy-duty gas container meets all EPA &CARB environmental standards. Spill-proof system. High tech spout has auto shut-Off, self-venting for safer easier pouring, child-resistant, angled tip to see inside container being filled.  Tight fit seal prevents leaks. Easy operation.


Made of durable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) with barrier materials to virtually eliminate hydrocarbon emissions. Exceeds CARB (California Air Resource Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements for portable fuel containers. Wide base design and lower center of gravity reduces the chance of a can tipping over; however, if the can does tip, the spout closes automatically with an airtight seal. 5 gallon cans are designed with 2 handles for easier use and handling.