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Decorative Cutting Tools

Decorative Cutting Tools

Wavy Knife

This wavy knife is useful for fast and fancy cut.  Available in green, red, and orange.

Chef Harvey Twin Curl Cutter

This twin curler curls two products together in a unique design.

Chef Harvey Spiral Slicer

The stainless steel spiral slicer cuts your vegetables into lovely spiral shapes, perfect for adding something unique to a special dinner.

Chef Harvey SS Decorator Knife

This V decorater is perfect for intricate cuts and details.

Chef Harvey Crinkle Cutter

The stainless steel crinkle cutter cuts your vegetables into fun designs every time.

Helen's Spiral Slicer

Quickly turn your firm vegetabls into continuous spaghetti-like strands, long. flat ribbons or thin slices in just minutes for delicious homemade soups and slice onion with the tears.  Cover, Collection bowl and instruction booklet incl.

Microplane, Veggie Wedgie

From our friends at Microplane comes the extraordinarily sharp, precise and very fun to use Veggie Wedgie! This gadget lets you create up to six perfectly even vegetable wedges in seconds! Use the Veggie Wedgie's innovative design to quickly cut carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and other hard foods into beautifully formed wedges. Perfect for any occasion!

Hand-held Spiralizer

Creates uniform, curly noodles from vegetables for healthier meals.  Open blade design accommodaes both long vegetables like zucchini and round vegetables like potatoes.  Food holder keeps hands safe and acts as a cap for safe storage.

Deluxe Spiralizer

Progressive's Deluxe Spiral cutter will surely become one of your favorite tools; 2 cutting options - thin and thick julienne, as well as ribbons. Make all of those great veggie pastas, slaws, and curly fries in your own kitchen.  Works great with carrots, zucchini, squash, apples, cucumbers, potatoes and more.  Suction cup feet create countertop stability.  Storage compartment holds extra blades.