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Corn On The Cob Tools

Corn On The Cob Tools


Stainless steel blade. Adjustable straight edge removes full corn kernels from cob. Instructions included.

Corn Cob Butterer

HIC's Corn Butterer for serving and enjoying delicious sweet corn on the cob without a buttery mess or the ears rolling away. The curved shape securely cradles each delicious ear of corn, even substantially sized ears, and evenly spreads butter. Holds approximately a half a stick of butter while containing the buttery mess. Also works great for spreading butter on warm pancakes, toast, bagels and more

HIC Quick Corn Cutter

This quick corn cutter removes corn efficiently in one easy motion.  The stainless steel blade works fast to get fresh kernels off of the cob.

Corn Holders

HIC Corn Holders for safely holding and eating corn on the cob with more fun and less mess. Made with steel prongs and plastic handles; set of 8; service for 4.

Progressive Corn Stripper

Prepare delicious corn on the cob with less mess and stress! With our helpful Corn Stripper, you can quickly remove kernels from the cob and still enjoy tasty, fresh corn.