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Coffeemaker & Pot Cleaners

Kaf-tan #1 Coffee Pot Cleaner

Kaf-tan coffee & tea pot cleaner and de-limer. Works for percolators, dripolators, carafes, decanters & tea pots.

Kaf-tan #2 Coffeemaker Cleaner

Kaf-tan Coffeemaker cleaner and de-limer for automatic drip coffee makers.

Cleancaf Espresso/Drip Cleaner

When the internal components of your coffee maker are clean, your coffee brews faster, is less bitter, and tastes better. Cleancaf Cleaner and Descaler is ideal for cleaning home coffee and espresso equipment, including drip machines and espresso machines.

Coffee Grinder Brush

Keep your coffee grinder clean by removing grounds from between the blades with this natural bristles brush with wooden handle.