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Coffee/Tea Makers, Manual


Fast brew cycle brews tea bags or tea leaves. Auto shut-off.


Fresh brewed coffee 1 cup at a time. 1 cup filter cone. Place the filter cone on a coffee cup. Insert a No. 2 Melitta cone filter. Scoop in your favorite coffee to taste. Add hot water, then indulge in a cup of fresh brewed coffee. Includes a starter pack of Melitta No. 2 cone coffee filters.

Melitta 10C Manual Coffeemaker

Cone filter drip coffee maker. Original coffee brewing system. Use Melitta No. 6 cone shaped filter paper. Not recommended for stove top use.

Primula 9C Stovetop Percolator

For those who prefer the pleasures of percolated coffee, there’s no better way than the old school method of preparing it on the stovetop. All you need is the right percolator coffee maker, and the Primula Coffee Percolator is crafted of aluminum with old-fashioned simplicity and durability. A coffee percolator works by stimulating the heated liquid from your coffee grounds, reheating it and circulating it over the grounds over and over. The percolating effect of repeatedly passing coffee over the grounds delivers a significantly different flavor and strength than traditional automatic drip coffee makers. Percolators emit a robust aroma and a distinct gurgling sound while brewing. It is extremely convenient when making coffee you want to stay piping hot for large gatherings. Primula’s percolator is made of durable aluminum and features a matching lid, lipped spout and stay-cool black plastic handle. Hey, nature lovers—yes, this percolator is perfect for grills and campfires, too. 36 oz. capacity.

Cold Brew System

The Primula 50 oz Cold Brew Glass Carafe makes rich, delicious full bodied coffee concentrate that is 65% less acidic than hot brewed coffee. This carafe makes cold brewed coffee that can last up to 14 days when stored in the fridge. BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass and can withstand extreme temperatures without risk of cracking. The base has a silicone ring around the bottom for a secure grip to your table or side of the fridge door.

Cold Brew Bottle

Need more coffee, but no where to brew it?  Take your cold brew coffee bottle with you anywhere you go.  20 oz borosilicate glass coffee bottle with stainless steel filter and black neoprene sleeve with carrying handle.

HIC Porcelain #2 Cone Brewer

Have great home-brewed coffee without expensive & bulky machines! Simply place coffee filter in cone, add ground coffee, place cone over coffee cup and pour boiling water over the coffee grounds. Once your coffee is brewed, simply discard filter and grounds.

Large Coffee Filter Cone

Durable plastic filter cone can use #2-#6 filters (#6 is recommended).  Best method for matking smooth, delicious coffee directly into a carafe or thermose. Perfect for camping, boating or traveling. Many other styles and sizes of filter cones available at Woodstock Hardware.