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Blacktop & Asphalt Repair


Recommended for use as a filler and sealer coat for asphalt surfaces such as blacktop pavements on home driveways with minor cracks. Fills surface cracks up to 1/8". Easy to use E-Z Stir formula for the do-it-yourselfer. Reinforced for improved traction and durability. Dries to the touch in approximately 4 hours. Coverage is 250 to 500 Sq. Ft. per 5 Gal. pail. Coverage may vary according to surface age and porosity, climate conditions when applying, and method of application. Do not apply thickly and do not apply more than 1 coat. 4 year limited warranty.


Self-adhesive asphalt repair fabric. Works where liquid crack filler fails. Applies in seconds, just press in place. Patches, seals, and waterproofs in 1 step. No mess - walk or drive on immediately. Compatible with all driveway sealers. Covers and seals driveway cracks for years, not months. 6" x 9'.


Stone asphalt patch for driveways and pavements. Recommended for potholes, large cracks, and joints. Can be used on both asphalt and concrete and is designed to be used year round. Super Patch contains asphalastic binders which give it maximum adhesion and longer life. Black, stone aggregate formula. Just pour and tamp. Traffic-ready immediately. Low VOC formula.


Specially formulated acrylic latex rubber vinyl polymer blend that provides extended life and greater durability than ordinary cold pour formula crack fillers. Our fast dry additive accelerates drying and curing time. For blacktop cracks up to 1/2" wide. Just clean crack, shake, snip open, and squeeze into crack. Low VOC formula. Easy soap and water clean-up.


Latex-ite 30' PLI-STIX permanent asphalt and concrete crack filler is the only permanent solution to cracks in the marketplace. It is the same product seen on highways and roads; the only difference is you can apply it and do not need a 200 gallon melter to do it. PLI-STIX is permanent because it is applied with heat (a simple hand-held torch) and it bonds to the sidewalls of the crack. Cracks open up because they expand and contract with freeze/thaw cycles - but PLI-STIX will expand and contract right along with mother nature. Fills cracks up to 1/2". Low VOCs.


A sanded acrylic formula that fills and seals cracks in blacktop surfaces. Color and texture blends with the surrounding blacktop. Weather-resistant formula remains flexible and adheres to both asphalt and concrete. Used to fill 1/4" to 1/2" wide cracks in asphalt driveways. 5.5 oz. tube.


Black Jack Speed-Patch Blacktop Crack and Hole Repair is a ready to use sand and asphalt patching compound that spreads to a smooth finish. Latex fortified, Speed-Patch provides a long lasting durable repair for small holes and cracks (up to 3 In. wide and 3 In. deep). Speed-Patch dries black to match existing asphalt pavements.


Black Jack Speed-Fill Elastic Crack Filler is a fast-drying, rubberized compound for the repair of asphalt roads, driveways, pavements, expansion joints, walkways and foundation walls. Speed-Fill Elastic Crack Filler provides a long term flexible repair on cracks and joints up to 3/4 In. wide. Count on Speed-Fill Elastic Crack Fillers quick drying formula to accelerate seal coating jobs. Speed-Fill dries to dark black finish.


Black Jack Speed-Fill Blacktop Filler is a fast drying, rubberized compound for use on the repair of asphalt roads, driveways, pavements, expansion joints and walkways. Speed-Fill Blacktop Filler provides a long term flexible repair on cracks and joints up to 1 In. wide and the quick-dry formula speeds up seal coating jobs. Black Jack Speed-Fill also seals foundation walls and other pavement surfaces. Speed-Fill Blacktop Filler dries to dark, black finish.