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Apple Corers & Peelers

Apple Corers & Peelers


Victorio Johnny apple parer peels, slices, and cores all varieties of apples. Place an apple on the fork, turn the handle, and the stainless steel blades will peel, slice, and core the apple into 1/4 In. slices. Adjustable peeling blade will cut as much or as little of the peel, and can be removed if non-peeled slices are desired. The all-in-1 slicing and coring blade can be removed for peeling potatoes. Durable cast iron body with wood handle. Suction base mounts to any smooth, nonporous surface. 4-1/16 In. W. x 5-3/4 In. H. x 12-1/2 In. L. 5 year warranty.





Apple Peeling Machine

Mrs. Anderson's Super Apple Peeler / Corer Machine from Harold Imports peels and cores apples and potatoes quickly and easily. Great when you have a basket of apples to prepare for pies or a bushel of potatoes for mashing.The suction mount holds securely to any smooth surface. Just wipe clean after each use.

HIC Apple Corer

The apple corer removes the core of the fruit with a simple twisting motion.

Microplane, Core and Peel

Designed to quickly and effortlessly prepare apples with one easy to use tool. This Microplane 2-in-1 Core and Peel features a unique saw-tooth coring blade flanked by two sharpened edges to smoothly separate and extract the fruit's core with complete ease. The highly efficient coring blade and shaft is made of sturdy stainless steel for maximum power and durability.

Wedge & Pop Apple Corer

This slicer easily sections and cores apples and pears and by swinging the unique cover under the apple, it pops out the slices and the core. Just push, flip, and pop, and you're ready to eat!

16 Thin Slice Apple Corer

Slices an apple into 16 evenly cut pieces while removing the core. It keeps your fingers safe, while doing the work for you. Dishwasher safe.